Plug-and-Play at its Finest

ItemLogic focuses each day on refining the tools expected to be present in today's assessment systems. We offer our expertise in this area to you so you may spend your time crafting the elements of your application that are unique to you.

Effortless Rendering & Administration

Bootstrapping content and tools for platforms has never been easier.

  • Deploy in Minutes

    ItemLogic uses common RESTful, JSON, and OAuth design patters to get all of the basics of your platform launched in no time.

  • Highly Scalable

    Don't limit your opportunity to scale. Deliver one test or a million, 24/7, using ItemLogic, all inside an environment backed by the power and reliability of Amazon Web Services.

  • Mobile-friendly

    We work everyday to ensure content works on all of today's devices so you don't have to.

  • Accessibility Tools

    Serve a broader audience with out built-in calculators, protractors, font-size toggles, read-aloud support, and other accessibility options.

  • Content Included

    Give your customers what they're asking for by plugging in to a platform that already carries the best in Formative Assessment content.

  • Incredible Search Capabilities

    Our content search queries are built with educators' objectives in mind. Let them get to the assessment content they're looking for quickly with our API.

If your developers understand this, you can implement ItemLogic!

Comprehensive Scoring & Reporting

Query for raw or parsed response data with ease.

  • Standards-Based

    All assessment outcomes are bound to the relevant learning objectives and academic standards and are available for use in reports you display for your stakeholders.

  • More Than Just a Number

    In addition to numerical assessment outcomes, we also provide you with screenshots of the actual student response to provide more clarity about how students are engaging with the content.

  • Archived for Years

    Your data is safe with us and can always be recalled. We'll keep it on tap for a period of at least two years after the content is initially administered.

Embeddable Tools

Authoring, hand-scoring, and assessing are only a few lines of code away.

  • Publisher-Grade Authoring

    Allow teachers and administrators to build new assessment content across 30+ available question types. They can even modify existing partner content to better suit their needs.

  • Hand-Scoring Interface

    Constructed response test questions often require hand-scoring. ItemLogic provides an intuitive interface loaded with student responses, exemplars and scoring rubrics at the ready.

  • Printable Assessments

    Quickly generate beautifully typeset paper-based test booklets to support testing in situations where online testing is not available.