How Publishing Should be Done

We've spent years refining the process of publishing assessment content in a manner that provides enough guidance to focus your team's efforts, but is also flexible enough to handle processes that are unique to your enterprise.


Immerse yourself in a clean, intuitive authoring environment where your team can fully unleash their creativity.

30+ Question Types

Author content that is more cognitively rigorous and engaging than simple multiple choice. We have 30+ interaction types on hand and are always building more.

Embed Content, Not Links

You can never be sure if that awesome YouTube video will be around for as long as your items require it. Upload video and audio directly to ItemLogic and we'll keep it hosted for the long haul.

Intuitive Search

Authoring thousands of items is one thing; finding that specific math item you authored three months ago? Our platform lets you quickly get to what you need -- without getting in your way.

Workflows that Work

ItemLogic provides discrete, yet connected, workflows to help you procure professionally-made graphics, conduct review sessions, build assessments, and blueprint new projects.

Serious Collaboration

Solicit casual feedback from your teammates or conduct formal content review sessions. We keep an audit trail so you know who approved what, and when.

Fix Misteaks Quickly

Leave an important variable out of a math formula -- 100 TIMES? We've got tools to fix widespread mistakes in seconds. We've saved our clients hundreds of hours in this department!

Stylesheet Support

Quickly define styles that should be present in all of your content, or create rules that apply to a single item bank, a collection of banks, or any of your assessments.


Take your content from conception to assessment with comprehensive workflows.

  • Build to a Blueprint

    Our blueprinting feature allows you to monitor the progress of large-scale item creation or assessment building efforts based on specifications you can customize and change along the way.

  • Push-Button Publishing

    Immediately move content to market via our API. Customers will be able to consume your content the moment it's ready, without the typical export/import and QA delays.

  • QTI v2.2 Compatible

    Get started by moving all of your existing work into ItemLogic in no time. We also make shipping your content to other parties simple, with full support for all 18 QTI interaction types.

  • Test Creation

    Pre-build popular tests for your clients and make them available via API in minutes. Use our blueprint wizard to automatically build tests to specific criteria.

  • Access Control

    Grant and revoke access to your item banks, assessments, and other assets inside of a simple, intuitive interface. Create licenses for your customers that expire after a defined period of time.

Analyze & Revise

Capture the feedback necessary to make your awesome content even better.

  • View Real Repsonses

    Real responses display alongside each of your published questions in ItemLogic. This makes it incredibly easy to see exactly how users are interacting with your content.

  • Monitor Psychometric Stats

    See in near-realtime how students are performing with your content to evaluate whether your question needs more or less rigor to satisfy alignment requirements.

  • Timely Feedback

    Allow users at the district and classroom level to send you content-related feedback that helps you more quickly address errors that might have been overlooked during publication.

  • Don't Overwrite - REVISE

    Every iteration of your item is stored -- either for posterity, to assist in professional development activities, or perhaps to revert to a previous version that has better performance in the field.

  • Push-Button Re-deployment

    Deploying revised content into the field remains as simple as a single-click, and all assessments that can take advantage of newer item versions can be updated with a simple confirmation.

  • Compare Stats

    Compare item performance and psychometric statistics between different versions of your items to ensure the overall quality of your item banks and assessments are improving.